Investing in Sustainable Aquaculture to Replenish our Oceans

All times are shown in London time zone (British Summertime, GMT+1)

DAY ONE: Tuesday, May 23

OPENING KEYNOTE // Bridging Silos: Raising the Profile of Blue Food in Climate, Sustainability & Food Conversations
  • As Blue Food gains recognition as one of the world’s most important sources of nutrition, how can aquaculture producers, retailers, investors, start-ups, and NGOs collaborate towards a strong blue economy, and a sustained ocean environment?
  • With climate instability causing fluctuation in our oceans and environments, how are these organisations and innovators building resilience and strengthening the blue food system?


PANEL // Producer Forum: Pioneering a Sustainable Future
  • As global food systems are met with calls to adequately address the protein and hunger gap, how are producers innovating sustainable production to increase yield and address UNSDGs?
  • What key roadblocks are producers facing when pushing towards sustainable biodiverse aquaculture and what success stories has the industry seen in production innovation?
  • What technologies and strategies are being implemented towards a carbon-neutral and circular blue food chain?
  • How can leaders across the value chain accurately measure progress towards a sustainable blue food system?

Session Chair:
Melanie Siggs, Director of Strategic Engagement, GLOBAL SEAFOOD ALLIANCE, Vice President, THE CENTRE FOR RESPONSIBLE SEAFOOD

Andrew Swanson, Vice President Research and Development, COOKE INC.
Catarina Martins,
Chief Technology and Sustainability Officer, MOWI
Katherine Bryar, Global Marketing Director, BIOMAR
Tore Eliassen, Global Head of Sustainable of Development, CERMAQ

PANEL // The Power of Data: Accelerating Digitalisation to Harness Blue Food’s Growth
  • Where is the data gap within blue food and how are producers facilitating network infrastructure to obtain, monitor, and collate data to produce more intelligent outcomes?
  • What are the challenges of utilising digital monitoring within ocean production and how are these technologies evolving supply chain traceability to overcome fraud, labour infractions, and human rights policies?
  • Where does the boundary of data ownership start and end, and how can farmers and producers lucratively translate algorithms?
  • What is needed to continue to connect farmers across the value chain and drive data innovation and ubiquity of data?

Session Chair:
Claire Pribula, Managing Director and Co-Founder, THE YIELD LAB ASIA PACIFIC

Jonathan LaRiviere, Chief Executive Officer, SCOOT SCIENCE
Bryton Shang, Founder & CEO, AQUABYTE
Louise Buttle,
Sustell Lead for Aqua & Global Key Account Manager, DSM
Fearghal O’Donncha, Research Scientist, IBM
Dominique Bureau, Co-Founder and CSO, WITTAYA AQUA

Networking Coffee Break
PANEL // Novel Solutions: Scaling Novel Ingredients into Everyday Production
  • Which novel ingredients are the most viable options to integrate into aquafeed, to strengthen supply and boost the nutritional profile of traditional feeds?
  • How can farmers and producers utilise novel ingredients to add nutritional value instead of replacing traditional feeds?
  • What key challenges are there to scaling novel ingredients and what innovations are addressing these obstacles?
  • As scale remains the objective for novel ingredients, what innovation and investments have there been in algal, black soldier fly, and bacterial ingredients?
  • What are consumer opinions of novel ingredients, and how can the sector work to enhance consumer awareness, whilst improving credibility and positioning in the market?

Session Chair:
Lily Stuart, Research and Engagement Manager, FAIRR

Erik Tveteraas,Director of Venturing,NUTRECO
Allan LeBlanc, Vice President, Aquaculture Lead, CALYSTA
Øyvind Fylling-Jensen, CEO, NOFIMA
Mark Luecke, Managing Director and CEO, PRAIRIE AQUATECH

KEYNOTE SPEECH // Investment in Nature-Based Solutions for a Sustainable Future

As the spotlight shines on awareness and investment in natural solutions, join Cadman Capital as we delve into the pivotal role of combining nature-based solutions with commercial viability in achieving sustainable aquaculture production.

Giles Cadman, Ecopreneur and Non-Executive Chair/Chair, CADMAN CAPITAL/URCHINOMICS

Roundtable Discussions

Delegates break into small groups to discuss the most critical issues facing the aquaculture industry.  Each table is hosted by an industry expert, and delegates can choose the topic most relevant to their business.

  • Innovation & Corporate Strategies: Transforming the Supply Chain
    Host: Maggie Fried, VP, Corporate Development- Oceans, S2G VENTURES
  • Data & Digitalisation: Insights for Sustainable Production
    Host: Kristian Blom, General Manager, AQUACLOUD; Nina Stangeland, Managing Director, NCE SEAFOOD INNOVATION CLUSTER
  • AI, Technology and Science: Accelerating discovery across Aquaculture Industries
    Host: Larry Taylor, Co-Founder, THE YIELD LAB ASIA PACIFIC; Evan Hall, CEO, WITTAYA AQUA; Fearghal O’Donncha, Research Scientist, IBM
  • Fisheries: Data & Ocean Governance
    Host: Ross Brooks,
    Investment Director, KATAPULT OCEAN 
  • Integrated Mangrove Aquaculture: Restorative Farming and Blue Carbon
    Host: Jonas Walker, Lead Consultant for Aquaculture and Fisheries, BLUEYOU GROUP
  • Supporting Sustainable Aquafeed: The Role of Supply Chains
    Host: Aisla Jones, Partnership Program Director, SUSTAINABLE FISHERIES PARTNERSHIP
  • Scaling Climate Smart Technologies
    Host: Blaine Grimes, Chief Ventures Officer, GULF OF MAINE VENTURES; Lucy Barrett, Senior Associate, GULF OF MAINE VENTURES
  • Welfare: The Future of Sustainable & Ethical Aquaculture
    Host: Benjamin Weis, Group Sustainability Manager, REGAL SPRINGS
  • The Leadership Multiplier:  Addressing Global Talent Needs and Workforce Trends
    Host: Mike Whitney,
    Managing Partner, KINCANNON & REED 
Networking Lunch Break
PANEL // Accelerating the Seaweed Revolution: Driving Innovation to Harness Seaweed’s Position as Blue Food
  • As consumers become more aware of the nutritional and sustainability benefits of seaweed, how can we harness and accelerate demand for seaweed as a blue food?
  • What are the challenges in the production and distribution of seaweed and what innovative solutions are addressing these key bottlenecks?
  • What different approaches to the sustainable cultivation of seaweed are being put into practice, and how are producers incorporating technology into their methods to create innovative new products?
  • How is seaweed being used as a functional ingredient by producers and how have these approaches been received by western consumer markets?

Sessions Chair:
Gracie White, Lead of Global Oceans Investments, CONSERVATION INTERNATIONAL VENTURES

Paul Dobbins, Senior Director, Impact Investments, WWF
Shrikumar Suryanarayan, Chairman & Managing Director, SEA6 ENERGY
Lisa Boulton, Ocean Regeneration Lead, NESTLÉ PURINA PETCARE

PANEL // Aquatic Welfare & Harvest: Strengthening Standards and Driving Welfare-Focused Technologies
  • With the changes to legislation on aquatic sentience, how are farming practices shifting globally?
  • As rhetoric on humane harvest develops, what technologies are strengthening and pushing ethical practices?
  • What developments are being made in welfare-centred stunning and monitoring technology, and how can producers be incentivised to change practices and utilise innovations, to meet the needs of consumers and aquatic livestock?
  • How are consumer demand and public perception changing around welfare practices? Is this driving a need for ethically raised and harvested retail products?
  • How are retailers and producers responding to expanded knowledge within welfare and sentience?

Session Chair:
Teresa Fernandez, European CSR and Sustainability Senior Manager, HILTON FOODS

Nathan Pyne-Carter, CEO, ACE AQUATEC
Andres Jimenez Zorrilla, Chief Executive Officer, SHRIMP WELFARE PROJECT
Øistein Thorsen, Chief Executive Officer, FAI FARMS
Ruth Hoban, Head of Sustainability, NEW ENGLAND SEAFOOD
Linda Wood, Aquaculture & Fisheries Manager, MARKS AND SPENCER
Ralf Onken, CTO, FAI FARMS

Networking Coffee Break
VIDEO PRESENTATION // Creating the Marine Pantry of Tomorrow

Join Aponiente as we explore the potential of our ocean environment in producing the next generation of marine ingredients while combatting climate change & restoring our environment.

CASE-STUDY PRESENTATIONS // Regional Deep Dive: Mapping Aquaculture Trends Across the Globe

Bringing the global spotlight to Latin America, Asia, and Africa; these case studies will explore international locations that are leading the way in the blue food revolution.

Session Host:
Matt Craze, Founder, SPHERIC RESEARCH

Francisco Murillo, CEO, TROPO FARMS
Katie Sokalsky, CEO, XPERTSEA
Nick Hill,
Co-Founder & CEO, COAST 4C

PANEL // Smallholder Spotlight: Empowering Smallholders through Digitalisation in the Blue Supply Chain
  • As the spotlight on blue food develops, how are global smallholders and fisheries utilising technological advances in fintech, data platforms, and monitoring devices to increase yield and keep pace with large producers?
  • What are the challenges within implementation and adoption while increasing digitalisation and technology usage among smallholders?
  • How can technology providers help to deliver climate resilient solutions for smallholder farmers in light of climate instability? How can these products also incentivise farmers to engage with insurance products to build security?
  • How is digitalisation enhancing supply chain traceability within ocean producers and fisheries and changing the narrative on global perspectives of these methods?

Session Chair:
Anton Immink, CEO, THINK AQUA

René Benguerel, Founder, Owner and Managing Director, BLUEYOU GROUP
Lisa de Jager, Aquaculture Manager, DNV
Elena Piana, Founder, NOOLA REDCLAW
George Clark, Programme Director, MARINE STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL

PANEL // Blue Investment: Putting VC, ESG and Capital Growth to Work in Today’s Financial Climate
  • How can we bring blue food into the wider climate conversation to harness further ESG and impact investment?
  • How can we continue to grow, sustain, and invest in blue ventures during the current shifting financial climate?
  • What does the future look like within blue investment and which areas are investors highlighting as future growth indicators?
  • Reflecting on the accelerated investment in blue ventures, to what extent will institutional investment and government funding continue to drive growth in the industry?
  • In order to continue the progress of the blue food space, what is needed to attract more institutional investment for later-stage funding to help scale and consolidate the market?

Session Chair:
Nicholas Hardman-Mountford, Head of Oceans & Natural Resources, THE COMMONWEALTH

Chris Gorrell Barnes, Founding Partner, OCEAN 14 CAPITAL
Amy Novogratz, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, AQUA-SPARK
Christian Lim, Managing Director, SWEN CAPITAL PARTNERS: BLUE OCEAN
Maggie Fried, VP, Corporate Development- Oceans, S2G VENTURES
Guus Hovius, Executive Director – Equity Private Placements, RABOBANK

Close of Day One & Networking Drinks

DAY TWO: Wednesday, May 24

PANEL // A Restorative Deep Dive: Optimising Regeneration and Production in Restorative Ventures
  • How are large producers working towards sustainable and nature-based practices, and how are they collaborating with and learning from innovators?
  • How are innovators working with species such as bivalves, seaweed, and urchins to produce nutritious food whilst restoring the natural oceanic ecosystem?
  • What restorative initiatives are being put in place that empower local communities whilst bolstering production and natural habitats?
  • Are restorative ventures economically viable and what is preventing their growth within existing production?

Session Chair:
Robert Jones, Global Lead Aquaculture, THE NATURE CONSERVANCY

Brian Tsuyoshi Takeda, Founder and CEO, URCHINOMICS
Markus Müller, Managing Director, Chief Investment Officer ESG & Global Head of Chief Investment Office Private Bank, DEUTSCHE BANK
Nik Sachlikidis, Managing Director of Aquaculture, CADMAN CAPITAL GROUP
Danielle Blacklock, Director, Office of Aquaculture, NOAA: NATIONAL OCEANIC & ATOMSPHERIC ADMINISTRATION

PRESENTATION // A Sustainable Future: Unlocking the Potential of the Blue Food Chain

We ask what the future will look like for sustainable aquaculture- join eFishery as we assess the outlook for sustainable aquaculture and dive into innovations transforming the sector, exploring opportunities to invest, and support smallholders through digitalisation.

Gibran Huzaifah, CEO, EFISHERY

PANEL // Fortifying Aquatic Health: Proactive Disease Management via Monitoring, Vaccination and Novel Feed Additives
  • How have producers effectively cut down on antibiotic use and incorporated proactive approaches successfully?
  • What exciting innovations are unlocking vaccination development and usage, and what are the challenges in applying these across a diverse range of species?
  • How are AI, sensors, and inclusion of data technology enabling better results in health management?
  • What innovations with bacteriophages, prebiotics and feed additives are emerging and how are different companies implementing these?
  • How are producers utilising sensors, AI and automation to enable better results in aquatic health?

Session Chair:
Jane Byrne, Senior Editor, FEEDNAVIGATOR

Robert Neugebauer, Senior Director Global Biopharma Technical Development, ELANCO
Neil Davé, Founder, Managing Director, TIDAL
Camilla Wilson, Associate Director, Animal Health Ventures – Aqua, MSD ANIMAL HEALTH
Catarina Martins, Chief Technology and Sustainability Officer, MOWI

Networking Coffee Break
Start-Up Showcase

Early to Mid-Stage Technology Entrepreneurs Present 7-Minute Snapshots of their Solutions.

Mercedes Groba, Innovation Programme Manager, EIT FOOD
Harry Wright, CEO & Founder, BRIGHT TIDE

Michael Tinmouth, COO & Founder, ACUA OCEAN
Remi Gratacap, Co-Founder & CEO, AQUANZO
David Okech Okeck,
Sarah Carroll, Co-Founder & CEO, MARIHEALTH SOLUTIONS
Andrew Eckhardt, Co-Founder, NEXT TUNA
Katie Weiler,
Founder & President, VIABLE GEAR

PRESENTATION // Genetic Solutions: The Link Between Aquatic Genetics and a Sustainable Future

Examining how genetics are being incorporated as a key to a sustainable aquaculture landscape, we hone in on the developments being made in data and technology to execute genomic devices and strategies to broader the horizon for genetics, implementing their usage fully into the toolbox of farmers.


Ross Houston, Director of Innovation, BENCHMARK GENETICS
Carrie Ferrence, Co-CEO, PACIFIC HYBREED

FIRESIDE CHAT // Expanding the Horizon for RAS: Bolstering Success in Land-Based Production
  • What does the future look like for RAS and how can producers drive RAS forward and increase its uptake and expansion?
  • Within the uncertainty of economic disruption, what key challenges is RAS facing, and what are producers and innovators doing to ensure its continued rollout?
  • How are producers unlocking RAS and propelling it to the next level using AI, data, genetics, and hybrid solutions?
  • As governments look for methods to plug the rising protein gap, what solutions will secure RAS as a third method in producing sustainable blue food?

Session Chair:
Tanja Knabenschuh Hoel, Director, Hatch Innovation Services (Global), HATCH BLUE

Mathew Zimola, Co-founder and CEO, REELDATA AI
Siri Tømmerås, Commercial Director Land Based, AKVA

Networking Lunch Break
PANEL // Strengthening the Raw Materials Basket: Enhancing Sustainable Use of Soy and Marine Ingredients
  • With pressures on water resources and erosion of natural environments, how can raw materials be sourced and utilised for feed sustainably, reducing environmental impact?
  • What steps have producers taken to responsibly source soy, fish meal, and fish oil?
  • What are the perceptions of the use of marine and soy ingredients in feed production amongst producers and consumers?
  • How can producers measure and compare carbon footprints in feed and is there a need for a universal metric?
  • What is the role of farmers to ‘do more with less’ when it comes to aquafeed, and what are the latest innovations around feed conversion to reduce wastage?

Session Chair:
Rob Fletcher, Senior Editor, THE FISH SITE

Jorge Díaz, Global Sustainability Manager, SKRETTING
Katie Keay, Fisheries and Aquaculture Manager, CO-OP
Peter Williams, Senior Nutritionist, GREEN PLAINS
Anthony Kingsley, Sr. Director of ESG and Stakeholder Engagement, BENSON HILL

PANEL // Unlocking Blue Carbon: Carbon Neutrality and Deep Blue Carbon Regeneration
  • As excitement and conversation around blue carbon evolves, what projects are currently underway globally and what approaches are they using to utilise carbon?
  • To what extent is blue carbon a legitimate method of offsetting emissions and how can innovators ensure it is commercially and environmentally viable?
  • How is blue carbon driving innovation in robotics, data usage, and farming methods, and how can these benefit large producers and smallholders?
  • What investments and funding are propelling blue carbon and sequestration into the spotlight?

Session Chair:
Daniel Crockett, Director, Ocean and Climate, BLUE MARINE FOUNDATION

Adam Baske, Head of Aquaculture Restoration, RUNNING TIDE
Samantha Howlett,
Head of Marine Conservation, NATUREMETRICS

PANEL // Waves of Change: Unifying the Blue Sector through Education, Collaboration, and Investment
  • How do consumers and policymakers view the aquaculture industry and what implications does this have on the sector’s overall growth?
  • In the current climate of economic and climate instability, how is the blue food industry strengthening natural resources and providing socio-economic security to strengthen communities?
  • What challenges are innovators focusing on and how can investors finance solutions in the blue space?
  • How can the blue industry unite to positively communicate seafood’s role as a sustainable method in filling the protein gap and mitigating climate instability?

Session Chair:
Kate Danaher, Managing Director, S2G VENTURES

Jennifer Bushman, CMO, KVAROY ARCTIC
Laurent Develle, EVP Group General Counsel and Head of Corporate Affairs, REGAL SPRINGS
Doreen Wong, Associate Director, Ecopreneurship & Investment, SUSTAINABLE OCEAN ALLIANCE

Summit Concludes