Created in 2018, BiOceanOr is an active player of the digitalisation in the Blue Economy. With a strong focus on aquaculture industry, BiOceanOr developed unrivalled water quality forecasting services with bio-guided automatic recommendations to provide decision-support analytics.

With more than 50% of the global seafood coming from aquaculture, this international and fast growing industry is facing new challenges around climate change, sustainability and higher efficiency. BiOceanOr data-driven services bring concrete options for seafood farmers to tackle these operational challenges, every day, on the field. Beyond aquaculture, BiOceanOr is also addressing needs of other coastal and offshore stakeholders wishing to mitigate environmental impact and related risks.

The unique value proposition of BiOceanOr is to leverage not only machine learning capabilities, in-situ / open / Earth Observation data, but also biological models and expertise to automatically fit with local context for accurate forecasts and valuable recommendations, into BiOceanOr AquaREAL platform.

BiOceanOr is proudly contributing to 3 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), and SDG 14 in particular when dealing every day with fish/seafood farmers all over the world.Within this second round, BiOceanOr, advised by EY Ventury Avocats, is pleased to welcome new thematic investors and local partners, on top of keeping full trust and commitment from its historical partners. This round includes ~1,5 M€ in equity and ~500K€ grant with “PREMICE” project being awarded in the context of i-Nov innovation program.

BiOceanOr is a featured start-up at the Blue Food Innovation Summit on May 21-22. Meet the team at their booth in London and see all featured start-ups at