Q&A: Yoav Dagan, AQUAMAOF >

Enabling Local Fish Production with RAS: Pre-Summit interview with Yoav Dagan, Partner and VP Business


A System Designed Around Circularity: Pre-summit interview with John Diener, CEO, Vertical Oceans

Q&A: Mercedes Groba, EIT FOOD >

Opportunities for Innovation: Pre-summit interview with Mercedes Groba, Innovation Programme Manager,

Q&A: Chris Aurand, THAI UNION >

Creating Higher Value Products Through Circular Systems: Pre-Summit Interview with Chris Aurand, Open

Q&A: Tor Magne Madsen, FISHGLOBE >

Is Closed Floating Farming the Future of Sustainable Aquaculture? Pre-summit interview with Tor Magne

Q&A: Mark Rottmann, iCELL AQUA >

Circular Solutions for Waste Nutrients in Aquaculture: Pre-Summit interview with Mark Rottmann, CEO

Video Interview: 6 minutes with DYNASPACE >

How Satellites are Supporting Sustainable Aquaculture Production from Egg to Plate: Interview with

Q&A: Aisla Jones, CO-OP >

Quickfire Q&A with Aisla Jones, Fisheries and Aquaculture Manager at the Co-Op Aisla speaks with

Q&A: Libby Woodhatch, MARINTRUST >

Feed with Low Environmental Impact: Pre-Summit interview with Libby Woodhatch, Executive Chair, MarinTrust

Q&A: David Henstrom, UNIBIO >

Feeding a Growing Population: Pre-Summit interview with David Henstrom, CEO of UniBio Unibio creates