dsm-firmenich, the leading innovator in health, nutrition, and beauty, has recently launched a marine fish module for Sustell™, allowing aquaculture producers of sea bass and sea bream to map the full environmental footprint of their operations.

In 2022 dsm-firmenich launched Sustell™ for salmon, with leading salmon producer Bakkafrost as a development cooperation partner. Backed by robust methodology, ISO certification and data connectivity, Sustell™ is the leading life cycle assessment (LCA) solution for animal protein. Sustell™ provides the food value chain with a credible, science-based approach to collecting farm data, measuring the environmental footprint, and mapping a course for further development of the animal protein industry.

Louise Buttle, Sustell™ lead for Aqua & Global Key Account Manager at dsm-firmenich stated, “Now marine fish producers of species such as salmonids, seabass and sea bream can conduct full life cycle assessment at scale, ensuring a strong return on investment and providing a credible and accurate footprint, and a great user experience!  Extending the Sustell™ platform to include sea bass and sea bream is a demonstration of dsm-firmenich’s commitment and continued innovations to further develop the sustainable production of seafood through aquaculture.”

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dsm-firmenich, is a gold partner at the Blue Food Innovation Summit on May 21-22, applying bioscience to improve the health of people, animals, and the planet. Hear from Louise Buttle Sustell lead from Aqua and Global Key Account Manager at dsm-firmenich at the summit in London.