A breakthrough solution for aquaculture farm management and monitoring officially launches at the Blue Food Innovation Summit.

LONDON, UK (May 23, 2023) – GalaxEye Space, a pioneering SpaceTech startup, is proud to announce the launch of GalaxEye Blue, a revolutionary product suite designed to transform aquaculture farm management and monitoring. GalaxEye Space, spun out of IIT Madras in 2020, is shaping the future of Satellite Image Acquisition by providing the Most Meaningful Dataset from Space. GalaxEye Blue combines advanced satellite technology with powerful analytics to deliver actionable insights for optimized aquaculture operations.

GalaxEye Blue offers a comprehensive set of features and modules that empower farmers with unprecedented capabilities for efficient farm management. With real-time Water Quality Analysis, farmers can leverage satellite imagery and sophisticated algorithms to gain immediate insights into crucial water quality parameters such as pH levels, salinity, dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll, and ammonia content. This enables farmers to closely monitor and optimize the aquatic environment, promoting the health and growth of their aquatic species.

Furthermore, GalaxEye Blue’s Farm Status Monitoring module provides continuous updates on the status of individual ponds, allowing farmers to track whether a pond is unused, under stocking, active, or harvested. This feature enables effective resource allocation and streamlined operations, enhancing overall farm efficiency.

GalaxEye Blue also includes an Intelligent Lead Generation module, which leverages advanced analytics to identify potential business opportunities by detecting active aquaculture clusters. This cutting-edge capability enables aquaculture companies to streamline their marketing efforts and expand their customer base, driving growth and profitability.

The official launch of GalaxEye Blue takes place at the prestigious Blue Food Innovation Summit, organized by Rethink Events, on May 23, 2023. The summit, held in London, focuses on the evolving landscape of aquaculture and ocean health. It brings together global industry leaders to discuss innovative approaches to aquatic food production, sustainable aquafeed, fish health and welfare, and digital platforms for smallholder farmers. The summit provides a platform for knowledge exchange and networking through interactive panels, breakout discussions, and quality 1-1 meetings.

GalaxEye Founding Team
GalaxEye Founding Team

“We are thrilled to launch GalaxEye Blue at the Blue Food Innovation Summit,” said Suyash Singh, Co-Founder & CEO at GalaxEye Space. “This event is the perfect platform to introduce our breakthrough solution for aquaculture farm management. GalaxEye Blue combines the power of advanced satellite imagery and analytics to provide farmers with real-time insights for optimal decision-making. We are excited to contribute to the global conversation on sustainable aquaculture and restorative ocean practices.”

GalaxEye Space is part of the Startup Exhibition at the Blue Food Innovation Summit, showcasing its innovative products and solutions. The launch of GalaxEye Blue signifies a significant milestone for GalaxEye Space and its commitment to driving positive change in the aquaculture industry.

To learn more about GalaxEye Blue and its transformative capabilities visit the GalaxEye Space booth at the Blue Food Innovation Summit to experience the power first-hand.

For media inquiries: Pranit Mehta, Co-Founder & VP, Business – pranit@galaxeye.space

About GalaxEye Space:

GalaxEye Space is a SpaceTech startup, spun out of IIT Madras in 2020. With an advanced constellation of Earth Observation Satellites equipped with the unique “Drishti Sensor,” GalaxEye Space provides the most meaningful imagery dataset from Space. Operating on a Data-as-a-Service model, GalaxEye Space enables businesses and governments to make data-driven decisions based on insights from satellite imagery. Find more at www.galaxeye.space

About the Blue Food Innovation Summit:

The Blue Food Innovation Summit returns to London to address the emerging landscape of aquaculture and ocean health. With a focus on blue food, sustainable aquaculture, and restorative ocean practices, the summit aims to drive global conversations on these crucial topics. The event features ground-breaking companies, thought-provoking discussions, and case studies of innovation in action. Stakeholders from across the aquaculture value chain come together for knowledge exchange, networking, and collaboration.