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Investment Models Attracting ESG, VC & Growth Capital into Blue Food Production

WATCH NOW: Revisit a taster session from the 2022 Blue Food Innovation Summit ‘Investment Models Attracting ESG, VC & Growth Capital into Blue Food Production’

  • How has the investor landscape evolved over the last year?
  • How do we attract further investment into blue food production? What areas of the blue economy still lack sufficient funding?
  • As we start seeing investors from other sectors become interested in this space, what is drawing them to the opportunity and how can we capitalize on their learnings from other verticals?
  • How are investors monitoring ESG targets and de-risking their investments?
  • Which species hold the most potential for scale, growth, and commercialisation?

Session Chair:

Sander Visch, Senior Analyst & Managing Director, KONTALI

Amy Novogratz,  Managing Director, AQUA-SPARK
Larsen Mettler, Managing Director, S2G VENTURES
Carsten Krome, Managing Partner, HATCH BLUE
Jonas Skattum Svegaarden, CEO, KATAPULT OCEAN
Karsten Sæthre, Senior Vice President: Seafood, DNB

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