NEW: Blue Food Innovation Summit to Catalyse Innovation and Investment in Aquaculture

Hatch, S2G Ventures, ADM Animal Nutrition, Builders Initiative, The Kingfish Company, Aqua-Spark, Leroy Seafood, Aquaculture Stewardship Council Join New Blue Food Innovation Summit: Investing in Sustainable Aquaculture for Protein Security and Ocean Health.

A new summit from the hosts of World Agri-Tech, Future Food-Tech, Animal AgTech and Indoor AgTech will take place in London on June 14-15, to explore the opportunities and challenges in scaling aquaculture production while protecting and restoring the ocean ecosystem.

‘Blue foods’ include fish, shellfish, algae and other foods derived from aquatic plants and animals, harvested or cultivated in marine or freshwater environments. The industry provides protein and nutrients for more than 3.2billion people globally, and demand is forecast to double by 2050 as future consumers seek new protein sources. (*Source: Blue Food Assessment)

Global off-shore, on-shore and land-based aquaculture producers will mix with technology leaders, start-ups, investors and retailers looking to build new partnerships to accelerate the development of technologies that can reduce the environmental footprint of aquatic foods, whilst increasing health, welfare and yield.

“With the ever-growing population and increasing demand for protein, the sustainable production of blue foods – fish, bivalves and seaweed – is more important than ever.” says Jennie Moss, Founder and Managing Director of summit organiser, Rethink Events. “The Blue Food Innovation Summit is an opportunity to hear from a cross-section of industry leaders and discover technologies that will be pivotal in scaling up production and reducing pressure on our oceans.”

Key themes for the summit include:

  • Sustainable Aquafeed: Scaling Alternative and Novel Feed Ingredients
  • Seaweed & Algae Commercialisation: Food, Feed & Biorefining
  • Farm Optimisation: Accelerating Adoption of Sensors, Imaging & Digital Platforms
  • RAS: Overcoming Challenges to Scale and Diversification Across Species
  • Fish Health & Welfare: Tackling Disease through Vaccines, Feed Additives & Fortification
  • Restorative Aquaculture: Replenishing Our Oceans through Nature Based Solutions
  • From Egg to Plate: Building Transparency & Traceability across the Supply Chain
  • The Blue Carbon Economy: The Viability of Carbon Capture as a Revenue Stream
  • Offshore Aquaculture: The Role of Automation & Robotics in Deepwater Farming
  • Circular Systems: Closing the Loop through Waste Utilisation & Resource Optimisation
  • Investment Models: Attracting ESG, VC & Growth Capital into Blue Food Production
  • The Edge of Innovation: A Deep Dive into Production Technologies a Decade from Now

The programme will feature speakers from Leroy Seafood, Aquaculture Stewardship Council, SWEN Capital Blue Ocean, Katapult Ocean, S2G Ventures, Hatch, Aqua-Spark, Nutreco NuFrontiers, Safe Seaweed Coalition, ADM Animal Nutrition, Builders Initiative and The Kingfish Company.

and many more.

“Improving fisheries and aquaculture management is indeed crucial to ensure future generations continue to benefit from ocean resources and ecosystem services. We need events like this where we open up, talk to the ecosystem and collaborate,” says Laetitia Gerbe, Investment Director, Seventure Partners

“We need new protein solutions to feed the world going forward. Investments into seaweed solutions are some of the most impactful investments there are. They have huge long-term potential for direct and secondary impact on our climate and society,” shares Jonas Skattum Svegaarden, CEO & Partner, Katapult Ocean

Taking place in London and livestreamed to a global audience, the summit will connect major producers, technology providers, start-ups and investors who are developing, financing and adopting innovative solutions.

By exploring advances in aquaculture, showcasing innovative applications of new and existing technologies, and facilitating connections and collaborations, the summit will offer an invaluable opportunity to accelerate projects and partnerships across the blue food ecosystem.

The full programme, speaking faculty and delegate registration are available at