Quickfire Q&A with Aisla Jones, Fisheries and Aquaculture Manager at the Co-Op

Aisla speaks with us about Co-Op’s targets for its feed supply chains ahead of the Blue Food Innovation Summit where she will be joining a panel titled ‘Sustainable Aquafeed: Scaling Alternative and Novel Feed Ingredients’ alongside Biomar, The Fish Site, Unibio and Innovafeed.

How is consumer perception influence changing the demand for certain aquafeeds?

Aisla Jones, Fisheries and Aquaculture Manager, The Co-Op

Feed is increasingly important for Co-op as a retailer as we consider the impacts of our products and how to mitigate these. We have set ambitious targets to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impacts across our food supply chains. Our members and customers don’t expect Co-op products to have a negative impact on people or the environment and trust retailers to do the right thing and manage these risks- for us this includes considering feed supply chains.

How do you see the aquafeed space developing over the next five years?

Over the next five years we would like to see full traceability and transparency of all ingredients in aquaculture feed to allow all ingredients to be risk assessed. This includes traditional and ‘alternative’ ingredients.

Why is the Blue Food Innovation summit an important date in your diary? Who are you hoping to meet there?

I’m looking forward to speaking with a variety of stakeholders at the Blue Food Innovation summit and would love to chat about what more the supply chain can do to help support more sustainable seafood.

Join Aisla at the Blue Food Innovation Summit on June 14-15. View the full agenda here.