Start-Up Success Story: Q&A with Fred Puckle-Hobbs, Chief Operating Officer at Sea Green

We were delighted to catch up with Fred Puckle-Hobbs, Chief Operating Officer at Sea Green, who presented their seaweed farming platform as part of the Blue Food Innovation Summit’s first Innovators Showcase in 2022. Fred shared what the start-up has been up to since the summit, and what they are looking forward to in 2023.

Why did you take part in the Blue Food Innovation Summit in 2022 and how did you find it?

The Blue Food Innovation Summit earlier this year was a great opportunity for us at Sea Green to introduce and network with the European ocean and blue food ecosystem. We’ve made many valuable connections through the summit with potential partners, clients and investors that have greatly supported our journey to market. Moreover, we were impressed by the vibrant aquaculture industry community assembled by the event. We look forward to participating in more Rethink Events in the future.

What’s new with you? Are there new partnerships, products or funding rounds you would like to shout about?

We’ve had an intensive couple of months so far networking and connecting with the larger agri and aqua-tech ecosystem in Asia and kicking off our seed round fundraising which we hope to close by Q1 2023.

We are also thrilled to be selected for an aquaculture-specific innovation and mentorship programme run by Hatch here in Singapore, allowing us to further sharpen our strategy and product functions.

What’s next for aquaculture? Have you seen something new you are particularly excited about and do you have any predictions for the future?

It’s great to see so many new innovations coming into aquaculture – a sector that has probably been under-digitised for many years now. We are particularly excited in the opportunity for data driven farming solutions, helping farmers make informed decisions that will help them to not only increase yield but farm sustainably.

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