Check out the o-fish-ial line up of delicious dishes being served at the Blue Food Innovation Summit.

We’ve been working with producers and innovators to showcase their delicious sustainable seafood in London on May 23-24.

Seafood products will be served on our tasty breakfast and lunch menus throughout the two days…

Day 1 – Breakfast

Mara® Seaweed Kombu Kelp Flakes served with Granola and Coconut Yoghurt

Mara® Seaweed Kombu flakes are pure umami! A 100% natural flavour enhancer, kombu seasoning adds incredible “umami” to your cooking- which translates from Japanese as ‘savoury deliciousness’. Known as the superfood of the sea, kombu is mineral-rich, an amazing source of iodine, fibre and calcium. A natural salt alternative, kombu offers a salty flavour without the high sodium content. Add generously into soups, stews and sauces or baking.

Day 1 – Lunch

Blueyou – Selva Shrimp® served as Selva Shrimp Cocktails

Premium organic black tiger prawns, raised in community-based restorative mangrove farms

Forever Oceans™ Kanpachi served with Creamed Leeks, Carrots and Green Peas Salsa

Forever Oceans Kanpachi is a versatile fish. With a dense texture, it lends itself well to grilling, broiling, sautèing, frying, baking and even smoking. It is also a popular choice for poke and ceviche recipes. With a buttery flavour which is rich, yet mild, and high Omega 3 content – Kanpachi is a favourite for most.

Day 2 – Lunch

Mara® Seaweed Dulse Flakes served with Vegan Gnocchi

Mara® Seaweed Dulse Flakes. A rich and meaty flavour seasoning. Dulse is the single malt of seaweed and is included in the Slow Food’s Ark of Taste, as recognition of this artisan ingredient’s unique place in the culinary heritage of the British Isles. Mara’s red Dulse flakes are beautiful on plate and add a seashore aroma and meaty depth of flavour, often referred to as a naturally vegetarian bacon flavour. It’s rich in iron and pairs well with lamb, red meat and game.

Sustainably Raised Tilapia from Regal Springs served with Mixed Pepper Fricasse and Herb and Caper Salad

Regal Springs’ tilapia are fed on a rich, plant-based diet and farmed responsibly in oxygen-rich environments across Indonesia, Mexico, and HondurasOur premium tilapia are raised in deepwater lakes where they swim against the current, building strong body mass that ultimately helps create high-quality meat with a mild taste and flaky texture. These qualities make for an unbelievably versatile fish — an ideal choice for every dish. Regal Springs is a passionate supporter of local communities and delivers a range of educational and health programs — from leading reforestation projects and building schools and clinics to offering scholarships. The tilapia from Regal Springs was the first fish to be ASC-certified worldwide.

Booth Sampling

Seavolution will offer samples of its alternative fish protein at their booth, which you can locate using the floorplan. The products ‘allow you to enjoy sustainable, healthy, naturally cooked plant-based seafood, with the identical texture, flavour and colour of the real fish experience’. And it is gluten and soy free, too!

Want to experience any of these delicious delicacies? Register now, and seize the opportunity to meet the 350+ producers, suppliers and brands who will be there.