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Relive the summit in 60 seconds, with the recap video capturing the excitement of the two-days.

Audience Testimonials

“What I like about this summit is that its very targeted. All the people that I want to meet and make connections are present in the room.”


“Fantastic two days in London, at the Blue Food Innovation Summit ! Great networking, presentations and panel discussions highlighting the central role of Blue Foods in nutrition security and climate mitigation.”


“This summit is great for networking, I made so many connections and learnt so much simultaneously, in a constricted time.”

Investment Director, KATAPULT OCEAN

“Thoughtfully constructed with valuable content and a unique blend of investors and industry collaborating. People will be talking about the summit for a long time.”

Managing Director, Oceans & SeafoodS2G VENTURES

Keynote Speakers

Jim Leape, William and Eva Price Senior Fellow; Co-Director, Stanford Woods Institue for the Environment, opened the summit on day one, offering us insight into how seafood will play an integral role in improving resilience and strengthening the entire food system:

“The blue foods we harvest from the ocean and fresh water are not just a natural, or economic resource, but they are food. We ought to be increasingly thinking about what roles they can play in achieving the whole array of goals we have for food systems. That recognition should open our lens to thinking about we could be doing with this resource, and how can we develop it to reach our urgent needs in the future.”


On day two, Giles Cadman, Ecopreneur and Non-Executive Chairman of Cadman Capital, took to the stage to discuss the company’s success story with Urchinomics, a company they met at the previous Blue Food Innovation Summit, and delves into the pivotal role of combining nature-based solutions with commercial viability in order to achieve sustainable aquaculture production.

“We are at the dawn of a new era, and the opportunity is in our hands. The people in this room have a chance to make a difference today. I believe the right time has come, and that time is now: to invest in nature-based solutions for a sustainable future.”

Highlights from the Stage

Producer Forum: Pioneering a Sustainable Future

“We need to stop this conversation about wild versus farmed. It is about responsible blue foods and this can happen in both sectors.” – Katherine Bryar, Global Marketing Director, Biomar
“When we think about the blue revolution, this is definitely a digital revolution. Over the last one to two years we are finally able to connect the dots when it comes to data. Putting all these pieces of the puzzle together to bring actionable insights, which is really exciting to see.” – Catarina Martins, Chief Technology and Sustainability Office, Mowi

Waves of Change: Unifying the Blue Sector through Education, Collaboration, and Investment

“You really have to come at it with a blank chalkboard. Yes you have a story to tell, but you need to listen to know what story is going to ultimately resonate, to get an opportunity to tell your story.” – Jennifer Bushman, CMO, Kvaroy Arctic

A Sustainable Future: Unlocking the Potential of the Blue Food Chain

“One of the keys to unlocking the potential for blue food economy is providing technology for small-scale fish farms” – Gibran Huzaifah, CEO, EFishery

Start-Up Showcase

Leaders from early-mid stage companies presented their game-changing technologies to our investor panel and summit audience.



Who Joined Us?

Here are just some of the global players and industry leaders who joined us in 2023:

The platform is still open for networking and registration for one month (until June 24).


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