Audience Testimonials

“The roundtable sessions were very productive. Lots of momentum on practical implications of Blue Food.”


“The topics on the agenda were very interesting. This was a very well organised event and it was also very well promoted!”

Innovation Programme Manager, EIT FOOD

“Loved how intimate and connected the conference was and how the whole aquaculture industry was under one roof.”

Co-Founder, RESHORE

“It’s been great to meet a number of old friends and also make great connections with future partners”


“It was encouraging to see so many industry leaders from the aquaculture sector coming together to focus on the key challenges of our times. I can see a clear progression in approaching climate change, carbon emissions, environmental impact as well as fish health and welfare.”

Aquaculture Manager, TESCO

“The Blue Food Innovation Summit provided a great format, with a focus on key decision makers in RAS, ocean and feed technology, along with aquaculture developers and financiers coming together in a setting with the right amount of speaking time and the right amount of networking”


“The Summit provided a great opportunity to learn more about the exciting frontiers that Aquaculture is pushing against and overcoming. It served as both an opportunity to meet those interested in funding new initiatives and those interested in collaborating in new tech ventures. It was a fantastic achievement for the inaugural summit and harbours well for the future”


“The moderated panels of experts provided an intense and candid airing of key insights on leading-edge topics, densely packed into one hour bites – an important part of the Rethink Conferences’ value”


“The Blue Food Innovation Summit was a great opportunity to hear from, and meet people working at the cutting edge in the seafood sector-and just as importantly, the people who are financing them!”


“The summit provided a valuable opportunity to meet key players in the aquaculture industry and learn how they plan to overcome the challenges facing the sector”

Senior Editor, HATCH BLUE

“The Blue Food Innovation Summit, 2022 edition was very rich and opens mindsets. It is a fantastic summit to hear about the trends and innovations for aquaculture and connect with a lot of diverse companies. I would like to thank the organisers for giving me the opportunity to talk about ADM’s alternative strategies on health and connect with many people”

Global R&D Lead, ADM

“Thank you Blue Food Innovation Summit and Rethink Events for creating this conference that addresses the critically important challenge of Blue Foods, and how we will find new ways to feed our future generations with a sustainable supply chain of seafood, including what we are developing at BlueNalu.”

Co-Founder, President & CEO, BLUE NALU

“Thoughtfully constructed with valuable content and a unique blend of investors and industry collaborating. People will be talking about the summit for a long time.”

Managing Director, Oceans & SeafoodS2G VENTURES

Highlights Video

Keynote Speakers

Two keynote speakers honoured us with their insights and experience, readying the floor for intelligent, focused discussion, and inspiring those present to meet the urgent need for collaboration and innovation in aquaculture.

On day one, Manuel Barange, Director of the Fisheries and Aquaculture Division at FAO, opened the summit, setting the stage with his presentation focused on the ocean as a whole and how we must realise the full potential of blue food for both production and restoration.

On day two, Shakuntala Thilsted, Global Lead for Nutrition and Public Health at WorldFish, inspired the audience with her keynote on aquatic foods for nourishing all peoples and planet – changing the narrative from feeding to nourishing people.

Manual Barange

Shakuntala Thilsted

Highlights from the Summit Stage

Sustainable Blue Food and the Pathway to Carbon Neutrality

“We know that aquatic foods play an important role in livelihoods, nutrition security around the planet. We also need to make sure we are doing our part to reach net zero.” – Melanie Siggs, Director, GLOBAL SEAFOOD ALLIANCE

“There’s a lot of things moving, we managed to progress but also face a lot of challenges. We need to set targets and get moving, a lot of collaboration is important, we don’t control everything ourselves so have to work together,” – Kaylene Little, Head of Responsible Business, People & Community, TASSAL GROUP

RAS: Overcoming Challenges to Scale and Diversification Across Species

“The future of this industry is a lot about data and AI. There’s a space and demand for strategic partners and I look forward to opportunities on knowledge sharing and collaboration in RAS.” – Sune Møller, CTO, SWISS BLUE SALMON AG

“We have to strategically target the trifecta between right farmer, right market and right species.” – Ohad Maiman, CEO, THE KINGFISH COMPANY

Start-Up Showcase

Leaders from early-mid stage companies presented their game-changing technologies to our investor panel and summit audience.

Presenters included: Biofeyn, TeOra, Undersee, Sea Green, Reshore and Luminis Water Technologies


Seaweed & Algae Commercialisation: Food, Feed & Biorefining

“If we want to repeal the ocean ecosystem we need to start from the lowest trophic level in the ecosystem – Seaweed”  – Vincent Doumeizel,  Director of the Food Programme, LLOYD’S REGISTER FOUNDATION 

“There is tremendous interest in seaweed and that is because of its environmental implications. Seaweed is definitely something that aquaculture industries should include in their portfolio” – Karen Scofield Seal, CEO & Co-Founder, OCEANIUM

Investment Models: Attracting ESG, VC & Growth Capital into Blue Food Production

“It’s so exciting to see so many new investors to come into the aquaculture space but there needs to be an alignment towards long-term value” – Amy Novogratz,  Managing Director, AQUA-SPARK

“We know more about space than we know about the ocean” – Larsen Mettler, Managing Director, S2G VENTURES

Breakfast Briefing // Broadening the Spectrum of Blue Food: Incorporating Alt-Proteins

“We have to ensure that what we serve is healthy as well as responsible” – Tunyawat Kasemsuwan, Director: Global Innovation, THAI UNION GROUP

“Cell-based offers the consumer health benefits – no antibiotics, microplastic free – and the retailer consistent supply with the same qualities of product each time… This is the same thing as traditional seafood, just produced in a different way” – Lou Cooperhouse, President & CEO, BLUENALU

Future Production Technology in Focus

“The idea for Vertical Oceans came from the cognitive disconnect between how I saw aquaculture as a good method for producing food and how it was currently being done – especially how it treats the ocean” – John Diener, CEO, VERTICAL OCEANS

“We are building the bridge between current aquaculture and what the modern consumer demands” – Rodrigo Sanchez, Co-Founder & Executive Director, OCEAN ARKS TECH

Restorative Aquaculture: Replenishing Our Oceans Through Innovative Nature-Based Solutions

“If governments and associations can nudge the pricing in restoration and allow corporations to purchase blue carbon credits – it will really help restore the ocean ecosystem.” – Brian Tsuyoshi Takeda, CEO, URCHINOMICS

From Egg to Plate: Building Transparency & Traceability across the Supply Chain

“Not everything we bring to Hilton Seafood comes in the form of a fish. How can we get real time testing, so that we know in a matter of minutes where that fish came from?” – Teresa Fernandez, Aquaculture and Fisheries Manager, HILTON SEAFOODS

“We need to be cautious about being overly negative about marine ingredients. They are an integral part of the supply chain and here to stay for the foreseeable future” – Chris Ninnes, CEO, AQUACULTURE STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL

Crystal Ball: A Deep Dive into Blue Food Technologies a Decade from Now

“For a lot of industries you need a tipping point or crisis for people to realise we need to do things differently, but I am not sure we have had this tipping point yet in aquaculture.” – Aurore Gil, Investment Director: Aqua Lead, ADM CAPITAL – CIBUS FUNDS

“Oceans ARE sexy. If we don’t have a sustainable, regenerative blue economy then there is no chance for humanity. Let’s transform traditional ‘fish in fish out’ processes and make them more sustainable” – Chris Gorell Barnes, Founding Partner, OCEAN 14 CAPITAL

Who Joined Us?

Here are just some of the global players and industry leaders who joined us at the Blue Food Innovation Summit on June 14-15:

Innovation ecosystem

The platform is still open for networking and registration for one month (until July 15).


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