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Taster Session: Investment Models Panel, Blue Food 2022

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Revisit Blue Food: Watch a taster session from the 2022 Summit ‘Investment Models Attracting ESG, VC & Growth Capital into Blue Food Production’

While we eagerly await next year’s meeting, let’s look back at learnings from the inaugural Blue Food Innovation Summit with the closing panel from day one – a deep dive into the investment models driving funds into blue food production.

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Session Outline:

  • How has the investor landscape evolved over the last year?
  • How do we attract further investment into blue food production? What areas of the blue economy still lack sufficient funding?
  • As we start seeing investors from other sectors become interested in this space, what is drawing them to the opportunity and how can we capitalize on their learnings from other verticals?
  • How are investors monitoring ESG targets and de-risking their investments?
  • Which species hold the most potential for scale, growth, and commercialisation?

Session Chair:

Sander Visch, Senior Analyst & Managing Director, KONTALI

Amy Novogratz,  Managing Director, AQUA-SPARK
Larsen Mettler, Managing Director, S2G VENTURES
Carsten Krome, Managing Partner, HATCH BLUE
Jonas Skattum Svegaarden, CEO, KATAPULT OCEAN
Karsten Sæthre, Senior Vice President: Seafood, DNB

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Investor Panel, Blue Food

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