How Satellites are Supporting Sustainable Aquaculture Production from Egg to Plate: Interview with Hogne Anderson, CEO and Co-Founder of DYNASPACE

Founded and headquartered in Norway’s Silicon Valley of Sea, Bergen, DYNASPACE is an award-winning start-up advancing the transparency of farmed seafood through satellite observations and a cloud-based dashboard.

We caught up with CEO and Co-Founder, Hogne Anderson, to find out more about their technology, the applications it is already having with clients in South America, and to see who they are hoping to meet at the Blue Food Innovation Summit on June 14-15.

Find out all this and more in this 6 minute interview:

DYNASPACE are a silver summit partner of the Blue Food Innovation Summit. Hogne will lend his expertise to the panel ‘From Egg to Plate: Building Transparency & Traceability across the Supply Chain’ on June 25, alongside speakers from the Aquaculture Stewardship Council, DNV and Hilton Seafoods. View the full agenda here.