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We know that it’s the personal connections you make at a summit which deliver the most value to you and your business.

Our summit platform provides a full 1-1 meeting scheduling system during the summit sessions and for an extended period before and after to maximise opportunities for attendees to make connections, whether attending in person or virtually.

You can browse the attendee list, apply filters to find the people most relevant to your needs, send them messages and request to meet either in person at the dedicated meeting tables, or on a video call. The platform will show times when you are both available to meet, and hold that slot in your diary for one week until you accept, decline or the meeting request expires.

In addition to the 1-1 networking, make sure you join in the roundtable discussions (in-person and virtual sessions), and audience chat to engage with other people who share your interests.

Remember, networking continues (alongside all session content to watch on demand) for four weeks after the summit!

Check out the tutorial video below:

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