Experience the Blue Food Innovation Summit beyond the stage through a selection of innovative and sustainable seafood delicacies served throughout the summit catering in London on May 21-22.

Regal Springs Tilapia

The summit has partnered with a team of external suppliers to create a special menu that reflects the summit’s commitment to a sustainable and resilient blue economy. These specially curated dishes will showcase different types of seafood and innovative preparation methods that highlight responsible sourcing and ocean health. Expect to see a variety of options, featuring responsibly farmed species, alongside exciting new takes on classic seafood dishes.

Here’s a snapshot of our featured menu items served throughout the summit networking breaks:

Regal Springs Premium Tilapia
Regal Springs’ tilapia are fed on a rich, plant-based diet and farmed responsibly in oxygen-rich environments across Indonesia, Mexico, and Honduras. Its premium tilapia are raised in deepwater lakes where they swim against the current, building strong body mass that ultimately helps create high-quality meat with a mild taste and flaky texture. These qualities make for an unbelievably versatile fish — an ideal choice for every dish. Regal Springs is a passionate supporter of local communities and delivers a range of educational and health programs — from leading reforestation projects and building schools and clinics to offering scholarships. The tilapia from Regal Springs was the first fish to be ASC-certified worldwide.

Blutopia Farmed Meagre
The Kingfish Company Yellowtail

The Kingfish Company Yellowtail
The Kingfish Company Yellowtail is a high grade sashimi, grilled, or smoked classic. Raised without antibiotics in The Netherlands using RAS (recirculating aquaculture systems) technology, The Kingfish Company Yellowtail is harvested fresh daily, year-round, and used by the top chefs in gastronomy across 25+ countries.


LAMAR Blutopia Farmed Meagre fed with Biomar BlueImpact (presented by Wholechain)
The meagre for your meal comes from Bluetopia in Rhodes, Greece, farmed by Lamar, a small-scale Mediterranean fish farmer. Lamar employs a ‘market garden farm’ approach and feeds their fish Blue IMPACT feed from BioMar for optimal nutrition.

Salmon Evolution Atlantic Salmon

Salmon Evolution Atlantic Salmon Responsibly Raised on Land
Salmon Evolution’s pioneering approach to aquaculture ensures the delivery of premium salmon without compromise. With our sustainable and innovative technology, you can savor salmon that have thrived in an optimized environment on land. This results in a pure and high-quality salmon, while also contributing to the preservation of marine ecosystems and securing a healthy future for generations to come.

Your journey towards blue food innovation doesn’t stop here. Throughout the summit, delegates will have the opportunity to connect with the producers and suppliers who brought these dishes to life, alongside many more featured companies showcasing their technologies in the summit exhibition and via the dedicated summit networking app launching next week on Tuesday, May 7. Register now to experience it all  first-hand at the Blue Food Innovation Summit in London next month on May 21-22.